Are you looking for a suitable place for a large group? A place for a scouting camp offers a lot of privacy, what a family outing, a corporate event or a school trip? How about the Davy Crocketthoeve in Smeerling? No idea what you should ask for? Take this website but a look through.

Making Your Reservation

If you are interested in the farm to reserve for a certain period of time, you can now make use of an online form. We would ask you the form be completed as far as possible so that the management team provide you with the best possible service can be.
You will come to the Reservation form by clicking the main menu button.


Label site Davy Crockett Farm also features a badge. If you would like to order the badge you can indicate at the time of booking. Click the badge to see an enlarged view.Badge

Davy Crockett Hoeve


Smeerling Management:


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